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 ====== Contact and Support ====== ====== Contact and Support ======
-For inquiries about the **SmartMDSD Toolchain** ​and **software components** ​by Ulm University of Applied Sciences, ​post your questions in the **[[http://​|RobMoSys ​community forum]]**.+  * For inquiries about the **SmartMDSD Toolchain****software components** ​or **tutorials**: ​post your questions in the **[[http://​|RobMoSys ​Community Forum]]**.
-If you are seeking contact to individual team members ​of Servicerobotik ​Ulm, see [[team]].+  * If you have found **bugs or issues**, please file them in the GitHub Issue Tracker ​of the relevant repository. e.g.: 
 +    * [[https://​​Servicerobotics-Ulm/​SmartMDSD-Toolchain/​issues|SmartMDSD Toolchain]] 
 +    * [[https://​​Servicerobotics-Ulm/​ComponentRepository/​issues|Software Components]] 
 +    * [[https://​​Servicerobotics-Ulm/​AceSmartSoftFramework/​issues|ACE/​SmartSoft]]
-For general inquiries about the research group Servicerobotik Ulm, see http://​​drupal/?​q=node/​12+  * If you are seeking contact to individual **team members of Servicerobotik Ulm**, see [[team]]. 
 +  * For general inquiries about the **research group** Servicerobotik Ulm, see http://​​drupal/?​q=node/​12
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