Exporting and Importing a SmartMDSD Toolchain project

You may want to export / import a project from the SmartMDSD Toolchain (domain model repository, software component or system) to hand it over to / receive it from another role. We show how to do this using the example of a software component.

Exporting a Project

In the model explorer, right-click on the component project, then choose Export…

Select GeneralArchive File

For your component, de-select the following assets:

  • Debug
  • bin
  • build
  • .settings

Enter <component name>.zip as file name. Keep the other values by their default:

Your component project is exported as zip. You may need to repeat this step for all projects the project depends on. See also version control for further information what contents of a project to share between computers.

Importing a Project

To import a project, choose FileImport… and select Projects from Folder or Archive:

Click Archive and select the .zip file. Then only select the “Eclipse Project” as shown:


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