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SmartSoft World Installer

The virtual appliance is the recommended standard way of using everything. See Ready-To-Go Virtual Appliances for download and installation.

See also Getting Started Guide for guidance on different entry points.

The SmartSoft World consists of several tools, structures, and implementations that are each packaged on their own. The SmartSoft World Installer is a script to set up a complete software development environment

  • to create domain models,
  • to develop your own software components,
  • and to compose previously existing software components (your own developments or from the component directory) to applications.

The installer will setup a complete SmartSoft development environment including:

  • all required system packages
  • ACE/SmartSoft Framework implementation
  • domain models, composable software components, systems
  • latest version of the SmartMDSD toolchain
  • all recommended directory structures
  • all necessary environment variables

Please note: The installation/update of the SmartMDSD Toolchain has been temporarily deactivated in December 2018, since we are changing the method of installation. You can use the script on this page to install a development environment. To install the toolchain, please refer to the manual installation instructions of the SmartMDSD Toolchain in the meantime.

System Requirements

Installation Instructions

To download and launch the installer, issue the following commands in a terminal/command line:

  1. mkdir ~/SOFTWARE/
  2. cd ~/SOFTWARE/
  3. wget
  4. bash

A menu with several options will appear (see screenshot). To install the full development environment, keep the default values. Once the installation finished, you will need to logout/restart to refresh the environment variables.

See Tutorials to learn what to do next.

How to Test the Installation?

A simple way to test your installation is as follows. Type the following commands in a terminal:

  1. cd $SMART_ROOT_ACE # cd into installation directory
  2. ./startSmartSoftNamingService # start the naming service
  3. xterm -e bin/exampleComponent01 & # start a component in a terminal window
  4. xterm -e bin/exampleComponent02 & # start another component in another terminal window

It will launch two example components exchanging data: you will see messages in both terminals (see figure below). Type CTRL+C to quit the components.

Manual Installation for Experts

In case you are an expert and need full flexibility: to install all tools and dependencies on your own, please refer to Downloads & Resources and the according documentation. Manual installation is not recommended.

Next Step

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