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 The project name is recommended to be prefixed with "​Domain"​. The project name is recommended to be prefixed with "​Domain"​.
-=== (OptionalChange ​perspective to Domain ​Model (D===+=== Open the Domain Expert ​(Tier 2) perspective ​=== 
 +First, you have to open the **Domain ​Expert ​(Tier 2)** perspective (available since toolchain version 3.9) in oorder to activate all related features. You can either use the **Open Perspective** button located at upper right in the Eclipse window, or use the **Domain Expert (Tier 2)** tab directly if you already have opened this perspective before (see next screenshot). Please also read the **[[how-tos:​new-v3.9-ui:​start|new UI features HowTo]]** for further information on the new perspectives. 
 +{{ :​tutorials:​develop-your-first-domain-model:​openperspective.png?​300 |}}
-{{ :​tutorials:​develop-your-first-domain-model:​domainpespective.png |}} 
 === Create Domain Model Project === === Create Domain Model Project ===
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