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 ====== Developing Your First System: Composing Software Components ====== ====== Developing Your First System: Composing Software Components ======
-The Robot in this Deployment is PlayerStageSimulator which is already exist in your system+Compose a simple laser obstacle avoid system ​with the Pioneer P3dx robot and the Player/​Stage simulator.
-With the tutorial T2, you have Developed your first component ComponentLaserObstacleAvoidNew. +
-To Test the component, we need to subscribe to services (for receiving the LaserService ​and for sending Navigation velocity) provided by ComponentPlayerStageSimulator. +
-This will be done in this Tutorial, we will first perform ​the System Composition and then deployment. +
-Hope you will follow along and will complete the System Composition with this guided Tutorial+
 This tutorial is also available as [[https://​​3LNhatjWb_c|video tutorial]]. This tutorial is also available as [[https://​​3LNhatjWb_c|video tutorial]].
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