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 {{ tutorials:​flexible-navigation-stack-selenv:​S02_00_FNS_NewEnvironment_system_params.png | }} {{ tutorials:​flexible-navigation-stack-selenv:​S02_00_FNS_NewEnvironment_system_params.png | }}
-Since the flexible navigation stack remains the same, we don't have to modify the other models in the system projecti.e. Component Architecture,​ Deployment, Target, etc.+Since //​SystemWebotsRobotino3NavigationNew//​ and //​SystemWebotsRobotino3Navigation//​ use the same flexible navigation stack, we don't have to modify the other models in the system project ​(i.e. Component Architecture,​ Deployment, Target, etc.).
 ==== Update the Maps ==== ==== Update the Maps ====
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