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Deploying the Flexible Navigation Stack in Real World

In previous tutorial, you have practised system composition and component development. But deployment used to be with the simulators. In this tutorial will have a look on the project with uses the real robot system for the deployment. So, you will be able to see the robot moving and avoiding the obstacles.

Basic Information

Level Beginner
Role System builder, but also other roles while browsing through the system's building blocks
Assumptions Having completed with tutorial Developing Your First System: Composing Software Components
System Requirements Virtual Machine Image Installed, see ready-to-go virtual machine
You will learn How to make reuse of the navigatoin stack on a real robotics
How to deploy the components on a real robot via the toolchain
How to start the components on a real robot


In this tutorial we will be using same components as of A More Complex System using the Flexible Navigation Stack for deployment, but will deploy them on real robot. So, the component ComponentPlayerStageSimulator will get replaced by the real robot components : SmartPioneerBaseServer and SmartLaserLMS200Server.

So, if you do have

  • a Pioneer 3DX robot with a SICK LMS200 laser ranger
  • installed Ubuntu LTS 64 bit on the computer on-board the Pioneer 3DX robot

then you can continue with this part.

Otherwise, please read through this part to gain further insights but continue with the hands-on exercises in Part 7 which again use the simulation.

System Composition Viewpoint

Open the project : SystemP3dxNavigationRealWorld. You can observed int the System composition that the component ComponentPlayerStageSimulator have got replaced by the real robot components : SmartPioneerBaseServer and SmartLaserLMS200Server. All other components that are reused from the previous example (Navigation Task Simulation), even the binaries, are completely unchanged and now simply services not anymore provided by the simulator but by the above two components for a real-robot and a real laser ranger.

Target Platform Viewpoint

The figure below should the Target platform configuration, as in this tutorial we are deploying the components on the real robot, the details of robotic hardware are mentioned. For better understanding you can go back to the tutorial A More Complex System using the Flexible Navigation Stack, and check the Target platform viewpoint. This will further clarify the details regarding robot deployment.

Details for Network Interface

The connection type is WLAN, the Host / Robot Device is c26-110robotA, the port number of connection is 22,and the name is wlp3s0.

Deployment Viewpoint

The figure below shows all the components to be deployed on the robot system, ie. C26-11-robotA.


Step 1: The deployment with real robot has some changes as it is not same machine anymore. As shown in the figure below, Deploy the System.

Step 2: It will prompt the passwork As we have configured the system with login Student, it has passport student. Just enter the password and it will complete the deployment.

Step 3: The message box will appear for asking to continue with execution. Select No.

From this step few steps are different for the real time deployment.

Check for VNC installation in your system

Installation of vncviewer : sudo apt-get install xtightvncviewer xtightvncviewer C26-11-robotA (might change if you have another robot)

Step 4: Login to the system with (password student)

Step 5: As shown figure below go the pass of System As we configured in the target viewpoint : /tmp the location of the deployment. and then project name for executing the binaries with script.

Step 6: Choose “99 - Demos” (type 99 and hit enter) to get the list of the demos

Step 7: Choose “2 Demo 2 Planner-CDL GOTO”

Step 8: Enter the goal coordinates in brackets. For Example (1000)(0)

Step 9: Then you should be able to see robot moving and avoiding obstacles in the path.

Here you complete the tutorial.

What do do next?

Now you can proceed with tutorial Creating your Own Real-World Deployment


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