Mixed Systems: Composing Mixed-Port ROS Components and regular Software Components (WORK IN PROGRESS)

This tutorial describes how to compose systems from regular software components and mixed-port components that encapsulate a whole ROS subsystem.

Work on system level composition of mixed-port components is work in progress. To see how you can use a mixed-port component for ROS in a system, please refer to Mixed-Port for ROS: Accessing ROS nodes from software components.

Basic Information

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The SeRoNet Mixed-Port-Component for ROS is part of the SeRoNet Tooling which is based on the SmartMDSD Toolchain. The SeRoNet Tooling is developed by the SeRoNet Project consortium. The ROS Mixed-Port Component is developed in a joint effort by Service Robotics Research Center of Ulm University of Applied Sciences and Fraunhofer-Institut für Produktionstechnik und Automatisierung. The general concept behind a mixed-port component is an effort of the EU H2020 Project RobMoSys.

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