SmartDG : Dependency-Graph extensions for SmartMDSD Toolchain

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Basic Information

Level Advanced
Role Component Supplier, System Builder
Assumptions You know how to model software components in general and how to implement business logic in general (see Develop Your First Software Component).
System Requirements Virtual Machine Image Installed, see ready-to-go virtual machine
You will learn How to use SmartDG Environment model, How to add SmartDG Dependency Objects to existing SmartMDSD component projects, How to add SmartDG Dependency Graphs to existing SmartMDSD system projects


Dependency Graphs are networks of dependencies that emerge from the flow of system-level characteristics, controlled by evidence and business logic. Dependency Objects are entities that encapsulate a distinct system characteristic of the system that is relevant to and are altered by components and connectors that compose the system.

This lesson describes how to use the SmartMDSD Toolchain with SmartDG: The Dependency-Graph extensions for SmartMDSD Toolchain. More specifically, these lessons give a detailed account of how to add Dependency Graph Elements to existing SmartMDSD components and system projects. This tutorial is also available as video tutorial.

  • SmartDG : Import and Use Tier-2 Environments and Service models
    A Tier-2 SmartDG Environment allows declaration of domain-specific Dependency Objects, Software Components, and approved Transfer Functions for Components provided by their manufacturers. This tutorial describes how to import and use a Tier-2 domain-specific SmartDG Environment model. This tutorial further describes how to import any SmartDG Service model in the workspace.
    This tutorial is also available as video tutorial.

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SmartDG Repositories

A C++ Library used by Dependency-Graph extension of SmartMDSD Toolchain.

Eclipse plugins and features implementing Dependency-Graph extension of SmartMDSD Toolchain.

This repository contains models pertaining to Dependency-Graph extension of SmartMDSD Toolchain.

This repository contains tutorials pertaining to Dependency-Graph extension of SmartMDSD Toolchain.

What do do next?

Go through SmartDG Library Tutorials linked above and make your first Dependency Graph executable model.


Vineet Nagrath.

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