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Ready-To-Go: The SmartSoft World Virtual Machine Image

The SmartSoft Virtual Machine provides an ready-to-go environment to try out the SmartSoft World. The virtual machine is intended to try things out with minimal effort. It comes with everything you need pre-installed: It includes a ready-to-go installation of the SmartMDSD Toolchain, development environment, components, and demo applications.

Step 1: Install Virtual Box

You can install virtualbox on debian-based systems as follows:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox virtualbox-dkms virtualbox-guest-additions-iso

Step 2: Download the Virtual Machine Appliance

Step 3: Launch it

Now launch virtual box and open the virtual machine appliance file. See the following pages for further information:

System Requirements

We recommend:

  • a recent version of Virtual Box > 5.0
  • a minimum of 8GB RAM for the host
  • about 20GB disc space
  • to install the guest additions after launching the VM to enable copy&paste
  • to extend the VMs RAM or number of CPUs with reasonable values

Tested with:

  • Ubuntu 16.04, Kernel 4.4.0-130-generic
  • Virtualbox 5.0.40_Ubuntu as delivered with package manager (version 5.0.40-dfsg-0ubuntu1.16.04.2)

Please note:

  • The operating system inside the virtual machine (“guest OS”) is based a Ubuntu LTS 16.04.
  • Virtualbox in Ubuntu 16.04 is experiencing some difficulties with kernel 4.13. If that is the case, select the previous LTS-kernel 4.4 at boot-time, or install the latest version 5.2 of Virtualbox from
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