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About the SmartSoft World

SmartSoft is an umbrella term for structures, tooling, infrastructure, and software components to build robotics systems: a systematic software development methodology, best practices, implementations, and software components. The SmartSoft approach defines a systematic component-based robotics software development methodology and according model-driven tools that support different developer roles in a collaborative design and development of robotic software systems.

Many concepts and structures of SmartSoft have been formalized and were taken up by RobMoSys. The SmartMDSD Toolchain and its code generation to the SmartSoft Framework is conformant to RobMoSys: The SmartSoft World in the RobMoSys Wiki.

The SmartSoft World includes

  • The SmartMDSD Toolchain: an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for robotics software development using model-driven software development.
  • The SmartMARS Metamodel: Structures for a service-oriented and component-based approach.
  • The SmartSoft Framework and implementation: two exchangeable reference implementations (current: ACE middleware, former: CORBA middleware) and execution containers for several platforms and operating systems.
  • Content Repositories: Interfaces and components for immediate composition

The Big Picture

The “SmartSoft World” is a whole world of concepts, structures, tools, and content (models, software components, systems) as illustrated in the figure below. For each of the illustrated parts (dashed boxes) we maintain separate repositories. See Downloads & Resources

Benefits of the SmartSoft Approach

Read about it in the SmartSoft and SmartMDSD Toolchain User Study. In short:

  • A structured approach (separation of roles) to manage software efforts and system complexity in building your real world robotic applications. (The SmartSoft Approach)
  • An integrated toolchain (model driven software development) that realizes this approach and supports your system development. (The SmartMDSD Toolchain)
  • A set of reusable software components for localisation, navigation, mobile manipulation, task coordination, human robot interaction, object recognition and many more for immediate reuse in your applications. (Components)
  • See SmartSoft, the SmartMDSD Toolchain and components in action: Videos and Tutorials.

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