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Service Robotics Ulm: Technical Wiki

This is the wiki of the Service Robotics Research Center (SRRC) at Ulm University of Applied Sciences. The wiki contains technical material, documentation, and tutorials in relation to the SmartSoft World.

What is the SmartSoft World?

SmartSoft is an umbrella term for structures, tooling, infrastructure, and software components to build robotics systems: a systematic software development methodology, best practices, implementations, and software components.

Many of its core concepts and structures have been taken up by the RobMoSys approach. Read more about the SmartSoftWorld and its benefits.

The SmartSoft World includes ...

Structures for Composition

Stable structures guiding robotics software development to enable the flexible composition of building blocks to robotics systems in an ecosystem approach.


Realize the structures via MDSD (meta-models) to make structures accessible and guide users in applying them.

  • SmartMDSD Toolchain, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for robotics software development. It “conforms-to” the RobMoSys approach.


Exchangeable reference implementations of the SmartSoft Framework for several platforms and operating systems.

  • ACE middleware (current/stable)
  • OPC UA (ongoing work)
  • DDS (demonstration)
  • CORBA (outdated/stable)

Models, Software Components and Applications

A collection of building blocks for immediate composition to new robotic systems. It contains building blocks for sensor access, skills, task sequencing, knowledge representation, etc.

Miscellaneous Resources and Topics in this Wiki

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