Preparation of a Real-World Robot for Running Software and Systems built with the SmartMDSD Toolchain

In order to use a particular robot with software and systems built with the SmartMDSD toolchain, you need to equip the onboard computer of the robot with at least an operating system, often some additional proprietary software for this robot and then the runtime environment of SmartSoft.

The following installation steps for preparing a robotic system do not install the full-fledged SmartMDSD Toolchain with its full-fledged development environment onboard the robot. Instead, we only install its runtime environment as we do not use the onboard computer of the robot as development environment.

Of course, if you want to do development onboard the robot, you can also add after completion of the following steps either the virtual machine with the full-fledged development environment (Virtual appliance which comes with everything already pre-installed) or you can install the full-fledged development environment directly (direct installation onto your computer).

Festo Robotino: Setting up the SmartSoft Runtime Environment

Pioneer P3DX: Setting up the SmartSoft Runtime Environment

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