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SmartMDSD Toolchain Developer's Manual

This section is under preparation. If you want to contribute to the SmartMDSD Toolchain or extend it, please contact us.

In case you want to install the SmartMDSD Toolchain “the eclipse way” in an empty Eclipse-IDE, please use the update site that you can find in “” (see download section).

You can find the sources for the toolchain and all the plugins in “”. You will find all the Ecore Meta-Models in the corresponding plug-in directories. There is an “almost” 1:1 mapping of the Toolchain Meta-Models to the Meta-Models that the RobMoSys composition structures foresee ( The models are conform-to RobMoSys composition structures and slightly vary in the naming (e.g. Prefix “ecore”) or in technical details that add an “Ecore-flavour” to the realization.

You will find the Ecore meta-models in “model/<name>.ecore”. The graphical representation using Sirius can be found in the according .aird file.

The current sources are based on Eclipse “Oxygen” requiring the modeling components Xtext and Sirius.

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