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Getting Started Guide

This page describes how to get started with the SmartSoft World. SmartSoft is an umbrella term for structures, tooling, infrastructure, and software components to build robotics systems. How you get started and what to install depends on your particular role and needs.

I just want to get a first overview

In this case, the following resources are most interesting for you:

  • Tutorials: get an impression of the SmartSoft world
  • Videos: see latest scenarios built with the SmartSoft world

The Ecosystem:

  • XITO: Ecosystem Market Place (using SmartMDSD, SmartSoft)
  • RobMoSys Technical Wiki: The SmartSoft World shaped / is conformant to RobMoSys
  • Stewardship for the concepts via the euRobotics TG Software Engineering, Systems Integration, Systems Engineering

Check our repositories to see which open source resources and open standards are available:

Some additional material of interest:

Get Hands-On Experience

It is very easy to download and run the SmartSoft World as we provide ready-to-run virtual machines for download.

Full Fledged Users: I want it all

You can also use the virtual machine. However, in order to access the full power of your computer during your development and when running simulations, we strongly recommend to install everything directly onto your computer without the indirection of a virtual machine.

Our repositories with open source resources and open standards:

Experts and Contributors: Concepts, internals, and foundations

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